From KKK to LLL – A New Threat Arises

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What is it about folks like me who are conservative by nature, don’t ascribe to the tenets of “Political Correctness” and aren’t afraid to “call a spade a spade”?


I think it refreshing to observe what appears to be a growing number of Americans who are potentially leaning in the same direction as I am. I mean, what else would explain the yearning for political outsiders that is the clear theme of the GOP Primary stage?


Whether it’s Trump, Carson, Fiorina or even Ted Cruz, who also appears sick and tired of the same-old, same-old, there is a desire to have our next president tackle the REAL problems facing this great nation of ours.


But in keeping with the Title of my post, we’re constantly facing threats to our way of life in the form of laws, regulations, social movements, etc. that appear starkly in contrast to the history and traditions of America. Threats that appears to undermine the very fabric of what what makes America great.


Again, my site “America’s Last Stand” at is meant to shine a light and inspire elucidation and awareness of the pressing concerns that threaten America’s stature as the greatest nation on Earth. Our focus on the main areas of Social Issues, Economic Status and National Security seeks to “simplify” the discourse that needs to happen.


My last post was on the sad spectacle that was unfolding in Baltimore, MD where “an innocent black man” was killed by the obviously racist Baltimore Police force. Please, inject a heavy dose of sarcasm, lest you think I am agreeing with this premise. Months later and the city is plagued by a high level of violent crimes and murders, undoubtedly being perpetrated by the innocent black men who are unfairly targeted by law enforcement officials.


To my dismay, the Freddie Gray saga seems to be the straw that broke the back of the Liberal Left’s dromedary, leading to the rise of America’s latest threat to society: Black Lives Matter. A more vociferous group of apparent anarchists is hard to imagine, with their obnoxiousness protests and civil disobedience. There is no place in civil society to chant “Death to Cops” regardless of the use of bacon metaphors.


Before my time, thankfully, the KKK was a threat to civility and the lives of blacks in America. Thank God this stain on our society was eliminated. Alas, I think that there is a new stain forming…the Liberal Leftist Lunatics or LLL.


Stay tuned, or should I say beware?!?!

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The Liberal, Leftist Lunacy Continues…

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Several months since our last post and it seems like things have only gotten worse!
Since the attempts to foment social and racial upheaval as a result of the supposed inhumane and unwarranted shooting of an unarmed, “gentle giant” in Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, the Leftists, Liberals and Losers of society have upped the ante by claiming societal ills as the reason why Baltimore burned and rioters prevailed for many nights last month. Unjust and heavy-handed law enforcement they said…tainted with racial profiling.

Reverend Al, vocal Justice Brother & race-monger extraordinaire

Reverend Al, vocal Justice Brother & race-monger extraordinaire

The dirty secret that really isn’t a secret (except that the Leftist media won’t tell you about it) is that blacks in Baltimore have made their sector of the city a dangerous, crime-filled area where tourists are advised to enter at their own risk. The law enforcement, imposed by black city, county and state leaders was implemented in measures deemed fit to quell the savagery and rampant lawlessness that prevailed in this city.
Barack Obama, the first black president of the USA, is now nothing more than a symbol of what is wrong with racist America. I mean, the mere mention of the pathetic state of the country, the economy, our national security, etc. is a clear indication that we are all racists. I mean, even I, as a black man, am racist for thinking that Obama’s job performance has been atrocious and shows no signs of improvement.
Justice Brother, Rev. Jacksunn (a funny Rush Limbaugh moniker)

Justice Brother, Rev. Jacksunn (a funny Rush Limbaugh moniker)

In a sane world, pariahs like Al Sharpton, some radical who was the former head of the New Black Panthers, and others [insert Loser’s name here] would be rightfully denounced and shunned for spewing their racist drivel and hatred. They spin tales that more closely resemble a festering pile of dung than the truth; stories like the innocence of the black-skinned criminals who are unjustly stopped and, heaven forbid, arrested for what Sharpton et al would describe as “absolutely nothing”.
The story of Baltimore has quieted down just a bit – at least the national news media have moved on to greener pastures. But to hear the sparse reports on what is still occurring in the city, you would learn of rampant crimes, shootings, robberies, and utter lawlessness.
The innocent, gentle civilians are doing what they always have done, except now law enforcement officers have their hands tied behind their collective backs.


Let’s see what the next despicable narrative will be. It’s only a matter of time before Sharpton and his denizens rear their heads once again.


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2014 Midterms & The Cure for L-I-V

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We Admit It: We Got Our Butts Kicked!

We Admit It: We Got Our Butts Kicked! Obama: Err…Not So Fast…

In case you missed it, last Tuesday was Election Day for the Congressional mid-terms.


For many Conservatives and Libertarians this was viewed as a turning point for the future of America. Either the perceived “insanity” of a liberal president would be permitted to continue or it would be stopped in its tracks.




Thankfully American voters spoke loud and clear that they want government to operate under the platform espoused by the Republican party.


At we are very concerned about the L-I-V “disease” that affects a large number of our voters. L-I-V is prevalent in the young, but also the politically clueless who can span all ages. Does this political spanking suffered by the Democrat party mean that L-I-V has been cured? I hope so, but I suspect that the infected simply stayed home in a form of self-imposed quarantine.


So let’s revisited what the election means…


In a night which many have dubbed a “shellacking” and an “unequivocal rebuke” of President Obama’s liberal policies, the Republicans regained the U.S. Senate by a comfortable margin while in the House of Representatives, the GOP further extended its majority. Oh, and let’s not forget Governorships…the Republicans added to their leadership ranks here as well.


See for yourself at:,_2014


During the lead-up to election night, news stories highlighted the tightness of the various races between Dems and Reps but also shone a disturbing light on the despicable practices of race-baiting, fear-mongering and baseless, untruthful campaign ads.


Case-in-point: the entirely classless and 100% bogus election ads which were targeting black voters in several southern state races, stating that a return to racial violence, segregation and worse would result from the Republicans winning the election.


MEMO TO THE DEMOCRATS: The Republicans ran a black man in their Senatorial race in South Carolina and he won! His name is Tim Scott…Google him and get a clue!

Republicans are NOT a party of racists so the lies really need to stop!


Whether it’s misinformation about the treatment or outlook for blacks, women, gays, hispanics, etc. the reality is that the Dems are spreading virulent strains of L-I-V.


Democrat Fear-Mongering: Vote For Us or Suffer!

Dem Fear-Mongering: Vote For Us or Suffer!











The so-called “war on women” was also further promulgated with campaign ads targeting the female “Low Information Voter”, suggesting that birth-control products would be banned by a Republican candidate. Ludicrous!


Thank God for the result which hopefully will see a return to the principles of government which have thus far led to America being the greatest nation in the history of mankind.


Please share this site with your friends and family so that we can provide a venue for the education of America’s voters and ultimately find the cure for L-I-V.

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Exposing “Government Slavery” in America

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An Educational Blog Series at


“Slave” or “Slavery” is not a dirty word, despite the attempts of those in our society who would vehemently beg to differ. It is a horrific and exceedingly tragic page in the history of the many peoples of the World, including us here in America. As a disclaimer of sorts, I myself have “slave blood” running through my veins, however this fact is neither a badge of honor nor is it a put-down, as I am blessed to live in the greatest country on Earth – the United States of America.


The motivation for this blog series comes from decades’ worth of listening to cries for African repatriation and restitution for American slavery, finally culminating with the ludicrous arguments that our country is a morally unjust and racially biased nation that, if the wrong political party were in power, would see a reversion to racial segregation and losses of voting rights – practically modern day slavery!


You needn’t look far from the top of the modern day Democrat Party to find the sources of this type of ominous rhetoric. Evidence exists from speeches given by members of the Obama Administration, including A.G. Eric Holder, VP Joe Biden and vague suggestions coming from Pres. Obama himself.


Eric Holder's speeches bemoaned our racist nature as a country

Eric Holder’s speeches bemoaned our racist nature as a country

With the 2014 midterm elections less than 48 hours away, it has been the proverbial straw that broke this camel’s back to witness Democrat political ads stooping so low into the gutter to suggest a return to whips and chains if the black voting population didn’t vote for the (D).


This despicable Democrat party behavior, employed as a truly shameless political tactic cannot and must not be allowed in our society. Freedom of speech being a constitutional right, we cannot ban them from expressing their manipulative depravity, but we must shame them and force the Democrats to lose all dignity when they resort to such measures.


Over the upcoming weeks we will expose “Government Slavery” – the forces behind it, the methods employed to promote it and an analysis of the outcomes of this dark practice of politics.


In this blog series we will inform, discuss and debate:

  • Evolution of slavery from all its prior forms to today’s Government Slavery
  • Wealth of a nation – what it really means to live in America?
  • Individual prosperity: Self-reliance vs. Government dependence
  • School’s Out…Class in America and the Political Control Game
  • And much more!


We’re owned and operated by ShySkySpy, Inc., a family-owned small business based in Florida. Our owners are from a conservative family with “traditional” values. We are not affiliated with any political party or organization, but we do feel a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in the future direction of our great country. That’s why we created with our mission To Save America & Cure L-I-V!!!


Our website and game, America’s Last Stand, was created to give average Americans (like us) a chance to make a difference in the direction of our country. We believe in freedom of speech and express our opinions about various public and political people, forces and issues through our game and blog. Our hope is to inspire and promote the respectful exchanging of ideas through lively debates and discussions.

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Re-inspiring America’s Conservative Nature

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Conservative Media Giants

Conservative Media Giants

Has Conservative America Awoken?
Six years of the Obama presidency are under our collective belts and I think it’s safe to say that we’re in a pretty bad way.

With mid-term elections a few days away, we will see exactly how alert the American voting public is to what’s happening to our country.
The many issues that were ignored by many, including the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, Benghazi and the apparent incompetence of the VA scandal have been superseded by “real” threats to our country in the form of ISIS, Ebola and a persistently weak economy. was created to add a unique venue for folks to get plugged into the people and issues that matter most. Our work is not yet done and we thank you, our members, for your support.


I hope that the country does indeed wake-up and that the slumbering giant that is Conservative America goes to the polls. We will know if this is the case in the upcoming days…


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The Magic Act of our Lifetime…this Tuesday?

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SoU More on this over the next few days. Feel free to share your thoughts on taglines for this pic.

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The X-Box Presidency & The Decline of America

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How Far Have We Fallen?

How Far Have We Fallen?

A shift in the global power structure is upon us. The prestige, respect and even fear of America across the world has diminished over the past few years. Our leaders once portrayed a resolute substance when dealing with foreign allies and foes alike. You know, guys like Reagan vs. the USSR, Kennedy vs. the spectre of a spreading Communism, heck even Bush vs. Global Terrorism. Those seemed to be the days when the Presidency stood for something big in the world, whether you agreed with it or not.


Fast forward to today where we have recent press reports of allies questioning our positions, resolve and leadership. Take for instance a recent article on the Daily Beast where a senior UK Defense official pretty much states that “Obama Is Clueless About ‘What He Wants To Do In The World’”


Another example is the set of new revelations from former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, who in no uncertain terms raises serious doubts about President Obama’s leadership during times of war.


If national security isn’t your thing, let’s bring the discussion closer to home…say to the US economy, where despite always promising to “spend every waking moment” focused on fixing the obvious problems, President Obama has only made things worse.


Despite his joy of doing campaign-like stops to destinations highly infected with L-I-V, where he promotes the great things he’s doing and how he’s going to fight the very same income inequality that he himself is exacerbating, we now have the lowest levels of worker participation in several decades – read as people have quit trying to find a job! We have a ridiculous national debt figure which is being added to each day that Obama is in office. I could go on and on…but you are living the situation and I assume you get it…


So the question to every American is what do we do about this…this, apathetic approach to leadership? Political education of the voting population is one part of the solution. A promotion of the “American Way” and “American Exceptionalism” is part and parcel of this approach. We must turn this around before our decline becomes irreversible and we’re only a page in the history books entitled “The Once Great American Dream”.

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Bridge-gate vs. Benghazi, IRS Scandal, NSA and more…

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Bridge-gate vs. Benghazi, IRS Scandal, NSA & more...

Chris Christie’s WH Roadblocks

Nothing trumps a good Republican scandal. If you watch the news and read the papers, all you hear about is NJ Gov Chris Christie’s involvement in a scandal about blocking highway lanes for seemingly political payback.


From the sounds of it, it is a serious charge that his aide would do such a thing…but in a lengthy press conference he stood under the spotlights and denied direct involvement yet still took responsibility for his underling. This is a sign of leadership in our eyes.


Don’t get me wrong – we don’t necessarily endorse or like the Gov, especially with him eyeing the 2016 Prez elections. But he did the right and moral thing by addressing the situation forthrightly and FIRING his aide. Let’s compare and contrast to the many serious scandals plaguing President Obama…


You know, minor blips on the radar like the deaths of 4 Americans in a 9-11 style attack on our Benghazi embassy. Or even the proven strong-arm, Big Government tactics by the IRS to stamp-out the Tea Party. The Prez and his Administration claim ignorance, deny cold, hard facts and take ZERO responsibility for anything.


We could go on and on with several more examples, like Fast & Furious, NSA Spying scandal, yada yada yada. But the thing that makes us all very concerned is that a blocked bridge is now seemingly the end of the world while our President who “reigns” over a mess of an economy, society and national security agenda is not receiving half of this immense scrutiny.


We MUST change the dialog to include the things that REALLY MATTER for our future. This Bridge-gate is sadly another pathetic distraction from the truth.

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All Aboard the ObamaCare Express

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All Aboard The ObamaCare Express

The Hindenburg, Titanic & ObamaCare Express

Next stop, HEALTHCARE NIRVANA!!! Or at least that’s what we were promised. I’ve heard of under-promise and over-deliver, but this is so ridiculous it’s bordering on insanity. We have a president who has told multiple lies to the American people to get his signature law on the books and then again to get re-elected. Fabricator-in-Chief no doubt.


The website debacle is just the tip of the iceberg (Please pardon the Titanic pun). As soon as even more Americans start to get their policy cancellations, especially the employer-provided benefits (beyond the millions who already have) and then they get the sticker shock from the ObamaCare providers…that’s when we will get the next wave of devastation.


But the final straw that will break America’s back will come when we realize that there aren’t enough doctors and hospitals in the ObamaCare network to support the healthcare needs of the nation.


It is sad to see this outcome, but it was predictable…you only had to think about the ramifications…alas, it appears that emotion yet again trumped intellect. L-I-V strikes again but we will overcome this and we will find a cure to prevent future ObamaCare disasters from happening again.

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01/04/2014…The Dawn of America’s Last Stand

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The L-I-V gang's all here...

The L-I-V gang’s all here…

The time has come for the launch of the site at that’ll save America for coming generations. OK, I’ll admit that maybe that’s a bit too lofty a proposition as we get out of the starting blocks, but we do intend to make a huge difference in the way folks, young and old, think about the political and societal matters affecting them.


We want to create a new method by which folks engage in the issues that will shape the future of our great country. Each week we’ll be entertaining and educating you with our weekly games, featuring satirical and poignant game cards and other cool site features, including this blog. We hope you’ll have fun, challenge your existing beliefs and engage in civilized debate about the most important issues facing America.


The fun’s about to start and we need you to SAVE AMERICA & CURE L-I-V!!! Check out our video, like us on Facebook, +1 us on Google and sign up today!

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