2014 Midterms & The Cure for L-I-V

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We Admit It: We Got Our Butts Kicked!

We Admit It: We Got Our Butts Kicked! Obama: Err…Not So Fast…

In case you missed it, last Tuesday was Election Day for the Congressional mid-terms.


For many Conservatives and Libertarians this was viewed as a turning point for the future of America. Either the perceived “insanity” of a liberal president would be permitted to continue or it would be stopped in its tracks.




Thankfully American voters spoke loud and clear that they want government to operate under the platform espoused by the Republican party.


At ShySkySpy.com we are very concerned about the L-I-V “disease” that affects a large number of our voters. L-I-V is prevalent in the young, but also the politically clueless who can span all ages. Does this political spanking suffered by the Democrat party mean that L-I-V has been cured? I hope so, but I suspect that the infected simply stayed home in a form of self-imposed quarantine.


So let’s revisited what the election means…


In a night which many have dubbed a “shellacking” and an “unequivocal rebuke” of President Obama’s liberal policies, the Republicans regained the U.S. Senate by a comfortable margin while in the House of Representatives, the GOP further extended its majority. Oh, and let’s not forget Governorships…the Republicans added to their leadership ranks here as well.


See for yourself at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_elections,_2014


During the lead-up to election night, news stories highlighted the tightness of the various races between Dems and Reps but also shone a disturbing light on the despicable practices of race-baiting, fear-mongering and baseless, untruthful campaign ads.


Case-in-point: the entirely classless and 100% bogus election ads which were targeting black voters in several southern state races, stating that a return to racial violence, segregation and worse would result from the Republicans winning the election.


MEMO TO THE DEMOCRATS: The Republicans ran a black man in their Senatorial race in South Carolina and he won! His name is Tim Scott…Google him and get a clue! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Scott

Republicans are NOT a party of racists so the lies really need to stop!


Whether it’s misinformation about the treatment or outlook for blacks, women, gays, hispanics, etc. the reality is that the Dems are spreading virulent strains of L-I-V.


Democrat Fear-Mongering: Vote For Us or Suffer!

Dem Fear-Mongering: Vote For Us or Suffer!











The so-called “war on women” was also further promulgated with campaign ads targeting the female “Low Information Voter”, suggesting that birth-control products would be banned by a Republican candidate. Ludicrous!


Thank God for the result which hopefully will see a return to the principles of government which have thus far led to America being the greatest nation in the history of mankind.


Please share this site with your friends and family so that we can provide a venue for the education of America’s voters and ultimately find the cure for L-I-V.

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