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The Liberal, Leftist Lunacy Continues…

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Several months since our last post and it seems like things have only gotten worse!
Since the attempts to foment social and racial upheaval as a result of the supposed inhumane and unwarranted shooting of an unarmed, “gentle giant” in Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, the Leftists, Liberals and Losers of society have upped the ante by claiming societal ills as the reason why Baltimore burned and rioters prevailed for many nights last month. Unjust and heavy-handed law enforcement they said…tainted with racial profiling.

Reverend Al, vocal Justice Brother & race-monger extraordinaire

Reverend Al, vocal Justice Brother & race-monger extraordinaire

The dirty secret that really isn’t a secret (except that the Leftist media won’t tell you about it) is that blacks in Baltimore have made their sector of the city a dangerous, crime-filled area where tourists are advised to enter at their own risk. The law enforcement, imposed by black city, county and state leaders was implemented in measures deemed fit to quell the savagery and rampant lawlessness that prevailed in this city.
Barack Obama, the first black president of the USA, is now nothing more than a symbol of what is wrong with racist America. I mean, the mere mention of the pathetic state of the country, the economy, our national security, etc. is a clear indication that we are all racists. I mean, even I, as a black man, am racist for thinking that Obama’s job performance has been atrocious and shows no signs of improvement.
Justice Brother, Rev. Jacksunn (a funny Rush Limbaugh moniker)

Justice Brother, Rev. Jacksunn (a funny Rush Limbaugh moniker)

In a sane world, pariahs like Al Sharpton, some radical who was the former head of the New Black Panthers, and others [insert Loser’s name here] would be rightfully denounced and shunned for spewing their racist drivel and hatred. They spin tales that more closely resemble a festering pile of dung than the truth; stories like the innocence of the black-skinned criminals who are unjustly stopped and, heaven forbid, arrested for what Sharpton et al would describe as “absolutely nothing”.
The story of Baltimore has quieted down just a bit – at least the national news media have moved on to greener pastures. But to hear the sparse reports on what is still occurring in the city, you would learn of rampant crimes, shootings, robberies, and utter lawlessness.
The innocent, gentle civilians are doing what they always have done, except now law enforcement officers have their hands tied behind their collective backs.


Let’s see what the next despicable narrative will be. It’s only a matter of time before Sharpton and his denizens rear their heads once again.


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