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From KKK to LLL – A New Threat Arises

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What is it about folks like me who are conservative by nature, don’t ascribe to the tenets of “Political Correctness” and aren’t afraid to “call a spade a spade”?


I think it refreshing to observe what appears to be a growing number of Americans who are potentially leaning in the same direction as I am. I mean, what else would explain the yearning for political outsiders that is the clear theme of the GOP Primary stage?


Whether it’s Trump, Carson, Fiorina or even Ted Cruz, who also appears sick and tired of the same-old, same-old, there is a desire to have our next president tackle the REAL problems facing this great nation of ours.


But in keeping with the Title of my post, we’re constantly facing threats to our way of life in the form of laws, regulations, social movements, etc. that appear starkly in contrast to the history and traditions of America. Threats that appears to undermine the very fabric of what what makes America great.


Again, my site “America’s Last Stand” at is meant to shine a light and inspire elucidation and awareness of the pressing concerns that threaten America’s stature as the greatest nation on Earth. Our focus on the main areas of Social Issues, Economic Status and National Security seeks to “simplify” the discourse that needs to happen.


My last post was on the sad spectacle that was unfolding in Baltimore, MD where “an innocent black man” was killed by the obviously racist Baltimore Police force. Please, inject a heavy dose of sarcasm, lest you think I am agreeing with this premise. Months later and the city is plagued by a high level of violent crimes and murders, undoubtedly being perpetrated by the innocent black men who are unfairly targeted by law enforcement officials.


To my dismay, the Freddie Gray saga seems to be the straw that broke the back of the Liberal Left’s dromedary, leading to the rise of America’s latest threat to society: Black Lives Matter. A more vociferous group of apparent anarchists is hard to imagine, with their obnoxiousness protests and civil disobedience. There is no place in civil society to chant “Death to Cops” regardless of the use of bacon metaphors.


Before my time, thankfully, the KKK was a threat to civility and the lives of blacks in America. Thank God this stain on our society was eliminated. Alas, I think that there is a new stain forming…the Liberal Leftist Lunatics or LLL.


Stay tuned, or should I say beware?!?!

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