All Aboard the ObamaCare Express

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All Aboard The ObamaCare Express

The Hindenburg, Titanic & ObamaCare Express

Next stop, HEALTHCARE NIRVANA!!! Or at least that’s what we were promised. I’ve heard of under-promise and over-deliver, but this is so ridiculous it’s bordering on insanity. We have a president who has told multiple lies to the American people to get his signature law on the books and then again to get re-elected. Fabricator-in-Chief no doubt.


The website debacle is just the tip of the iceberg (Please pardon the Titanic pun). As soon as even more Americans start to get their policy cancellations, especially the employer-provided benefits (beyond the millions who already have) and then they get the sticker shock from the ObamaCare providers…that’s when we will get the next wave of devastation.


But the final straw that will break America’s back will come when we realize that there aren’t enough doctors and hospitals in the ObamaCare network to support the healthcare needs of the nation.


It is sad to see this outcome, but it was predictable…you only had to think about the ramifications…alas, it appears that emotion yet again trumped intellect. L-I-V strikes again but we will overcome this and we will find a cure to prevent future ObamaCare disasters from happening again.

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