The X-Box Presidency & The Decline of America

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How Far Have We Fallen?

How Far Have We Fallen?

A shift in the global power structure is upon us. The prestige, respect and even fear of America across the world has diminished over the past few years. Our leaders once portrayed a resolute substance when dealing with foreign allies and foes alike. You know, guys like Reagan vs. the USSR, Kennedy vs. the spectre of a spreading Communism, heck even Bush vs. Global Terrorism. Those seemed to be the days when the Presidency stood for something big in the world, whether you agreed with it or not.


Fast forward to today where we have recent press reports of allies questioning our positions, resolve and leadership. Take for instance a recent article on the Daily Beast where a senior UK Defense official pretty much states that “Obama Is Clueless About ‘What He Wants To Do In The World’”


Another example is the set of new revelations from former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, who in no uncertain terms raises serious doubts about President Obama’s leadership during times of war.


If national security isn’t your thing, let’s bring the discussion closer to home…say to the US economy, where despite always promising to “spend every waking moment” focused on fixing the obvious problems, President Obama has only made things worse.


Despite his joy of doing campaign-like stops to destinations highly infected with L-I-V, where he promotes the great things he’s doing and how he’s going to fight the very same income inequality that he himself is exacerbating, we now have the lowest levels of worker participation in several decades – read as people have quit trying to find a job! We have a ridiculous national debt figure which is being added to each day that Obama is in office. I could go on and on…but you are living the situation and I assume you get it…


So the question to every American is what do we do about this…this, apathetic approach to leadership? Political education of the voting population is one part of the solution. A promotion of the “American Way” and “American Exceptionalism” is part and parcel of this approach. We must turn this around before our decline becomes irreversible and we’re only a page in the history books entitled “The Once Great American Dream”.

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