Bridge-gate vs. Benghazi, IRS Scandal, NSA and more…

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Bridge-gate vs. Benghazi, IRS Scandal, NSA & more...

Chris Christie’s WH Roadblocks

Nothing trumps a good Republican scandal. If you watch the news and read the papers, all you hear about is NJ Gov Chris Christie’s involvement in a scandal about blocking highway lanes for seemingly political payback.


From the sounds of it, it is a serious charge that his aide would do such a thing…but in a lengthy press conference he stood under the spotlights and denied direct involvement yet still took responsibility for his underling. This is a sign of leadership in our eyes.


Don’t get me wrong – we don’t necessarily endorse or like the Gov, especially with him eyeing the 2016 Prez elections. But he did the right and moral thing by addressing the situation forthrightly and FIRING his aide. Let’s compare and contrast to the many serious scandals plaguing President Obama…


You know, minor blips on the radar like the deaths of 4 Americans in a 9-11 style attack on our Benghazi embassy. Or even the proven strong-arm, Big Government tactics by the IRS to stamp-out the Tea Party. The Prez and his Administration claim ignorance, deny cold, hard facts and take ZERO responsibility for anything.


We could go on and on with several more examples, like Fast & Furious, NSA Spying scandal, yada yada yada. But the thing that makes us all very concerned is that a blocked bridge is now seemingly the end of the world while our President who “reigns” over a mess of an economy, society and national security agenda is not receiving half of this immense scrutiny.


We MUST change the dialog to include the things that REALLY MATTER for our future. This Bridge-gate is sadly another pathetic distraction from the truth.

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