Exposing “Government Slavery” in America

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“Slave” or “Slavery” is not a dirty word, despite the attempts of those in our society who would vehemently beg to differ. It is a horrific and exceedingly tragic page in the history of the many peoples of the World, including us here in America. As a disclaimer of sorts, I myself have “slave blood” running through my veins, however this fact is neither a badge of honor nor is it a put-down, as I am blessed to live in the greatest country on Earth – the United States of America.


The motivation for this blog series comes from decades’ worth of listening to cries for African repatriation and restitution for American slavery, finally culminating with the ludicrous arguments that our country is a morally unjust and racially biased nation that, if the wrong political party were in power, would see a reversion to racial segregation and losses of voting rights – practically modern day slavery!


You needn’t look far from the top of the modern day Democrat Party to find the sources of this type of ominous rhetoric. Evidence exists from speeches given by members of the Obama Administration, including A.G. Eric Holder, VP Joe Biden and vague suggestions coming from Pres. Obama himself.


Eric Holder's speeches bemoaned our racist nature as a country

Eric Holder’s speeches bemoaned our racist nature as a country

With the 2014 midterm elections less than 48 hours away, it has been the proverbial straw that broke this camel’s back to witness Democrat political ads stooping so low into the gutter to suggest a return to whips and chains if the black voting population didn’t vote for the (D).


This despicable Democrat party behavior, employed as a truly shameless political tactic cannot and must not be allowed in our society. Freedom of speech being a constitutional right, we cannot ban them from expressing their manipulative depravity, but we must shame them and force the Democrats to lose all dignity when they resort to such measures.


Over the upcoming weeks we will expose “Government Slavery” – the forces behind it, the methods employed to promote it and an analysis of the outcomes of this dark practice of politics.


In this blog series we will inform, discuss and debate:

  • Evolution of slavery from all its prior forms to today’s Government Slavery
  • Wealth of a nation – what it really means to live in America?
  • Individual prosperity: Self-reliance vs. Government dependence
  • School’s Out…Class in America and the Political Control Game
  • And much more!


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