01/04/2014…The Dawn of America’s Last Stand

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The L-I-V gang's all here...

The L-I-V gang’s all here…

The time has come for the launch of the site at ShySkySpy.com that’ll save America for coming generations. OK, I’ll admit that maybe that’s a bit too lofty a proposition as we get out of the starting blocks, but we do intend to make a huge difference in the way folks, young and old, think about the political and societal matters affecting them.


We want to create a new method by which folks engage in the issues that will shape the future of our great country. Each week we’ll be entertaining and educating you with our weekly games, featuring satirical and poignant game cards and other cool site features, including this blog. We hope you’ll have fun, challenge your existing beliefs and engage in civilized debate about the most important issues facing America.


The fun’s about to start and we need you to SAVE AMERICA & CURE L-I-V!!! Check out our video, like us on Facebook, +1 us on Google and sign up today!

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