Game Rules

Save America & Cure L-I-V!!!

America's Last Stand is an online card game about the most significant public personas, organizations, political figures, forces & issues affecting America.


The game is rooted in free speech and lets members battle the odds & each other to earn top scores for America based on card values for the Economy, Society & National Security.


Are you up for the challenge?



Weekly Games

America's Last Stand is played over a series of Gameweeks as set by


A Gameweek may or may not coincide with an actual calendar week, but has a defined start date and deadline by which a member's play must be submitted. At the end of a Gameweek, final scores are calculated and displayed while we get things ready for the start of the next Gameweek.




Our game has dozens of online cards based on political personas, events & forces. Cards may be added or removed based on real-world relevance.


Each card has:

-  An image & opinionated description of the card subject

-  Impact Effects or score values for the Economy, Society & National Security

-  Multiplier Effects or score multipliers which grow or shrink Impact Effect score totals



Submitting a Play

Each Gameweek, members get new cards by clicking on the "What's Up This Week" button. From these randomly-generated cards, members can submit a 5-card play consisting of three (3) Impact Cards, one (1) Magnifier Card and one (1) Sabotage Card.


Premium Members get to make informed choices by having 7 random cards from which to make a play.


Free Members' plays are made for them without the benefit of choice.



Deadlines & Auto-Plays

Each Gameweek has a deadline when members must submit their plays.


If a member neglects to submit a play for him/herself, then the game will submit an automated play (Auto-Play) for him/her. Auto-Plays generate a valid play as far as the game is concerned, minus the member's participation of course, but more importantly, they are ineligible for promotional prize drawings.



Your Score (For Now)

Your Score (For Now) is tallied immediately after you submit a play and is based on your 3 Impact Cards & your 1 Magnifier Card.


Each Impact Card has Economy, Society & National Security values which are totalled for the 3 cards. The Magnifier Card has multiplier values based on the positive/negative values of Impact Card totals.


The totals from Impact Cards x Magnifier Card = Your Score (For Now).




Submitted plays includes a Sabotage Card which is played against a randomly selected opponent in the game. After the Gameweek deadline, a "Sabotage Card Played Against You" card is applied against each member using its Multiplier Effects to affect Final Score outcomes.


Premium Members can make choices to pick the best, most score-reducing, Sabotage Card for their play. Free Members do not have this ability.



Final Score

Each member starts the Gameweek with 1000 points. Final Scores are based on "Your Score (For Now)" totals multiplied by the value of the "Sabotage Card Played Against You" by a random opponent. This resultant value is added to your starting value and is your Final Score for the Gameweek.


See if you can overcome the odds and other players to win. Invite your friends & family to play and compete for bragging rights. 



Promotional Prizes & Giveaways



Members can enter to win cool prizes and giveaways during marketing promotions that may be run from time to time. Potential prize winners are selected from random drawings of eligible entries only.


For details on promotions, including eligibility requirements, see our Terms and Conditions.


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